Screenshot of Joe Biden’s Twitter account

It is generally considered undiplomatic for foreign leaders to endorse any candidate during an election campaign in another country, but several foreign leaders have started following the personal account of @JoeBiden.

Obviously, a follow doesn’t mean endorsement, and some leaders might still follow @JoeBiden from the time he was U.S…

The two-letter Twitter handle is literally priceless

Twitter regularly suspends accounts which violate its terms of service, and recently it removed millions of inactive accounts which were created via SMS, a feature which is no longer supported. Among the disabled accounts are much sought-after country names including @Italy, @Turkey, @Switzerland, the @UK.

The permanent suspension of these…

How the World Health Organisation Went Viral on Social Media

With the spread of the coronavirus, the World Health Organisation is on course to become the most followed international organisation on social media. …

Matthias Lüfkens

Particle accelerator & social media architect at DigiTips. Blogger @BilanMagazine. Founder @Twiplomacy & @InYourPocket. Formerly @Davos @EuroNews @AFP @Libe

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